Nexus: The Coming of Gourmando Deluxe HC and TPB

Created by Steve Rude

Steve Rude presents NEXUS: THE COMING OF GOURMANDO in both an oversized Deluxe edition and trade paperback format.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Digital Downloads Now Available
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 05:39:58 PM

The download rewards have been distributed and can be viewed on the digital reward page in their survey.

We are currently anticipating an early March ship date for the TPB and an April ship date for the Hardcover editions.   


To access your survey go to

Once you're logged in you can view your digital downloads and this is also where you can update your address.

Let me know if you have any further issues.  The support team at  Backerkit can help you faster than I can.  They are available at the  above link.  Click Need Help? View FAQ.  There is a button on the next  page to "Contact Us".



about 2 months ago – Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 12:39:21 AM

So I prepared a long update - then my computer crashed!   That was last week and I didn't have a chance to redo it at the time.  Here is attempt 2...saving drafts this time!


We finally sent books to the printer end of last week!  The hardcover books are being printed in Hong Kong as they had the best setup for oversized books and the trade paperback is being printed in Illinois.  Both printers are getting proofs ready and once Steve signs off on the physical proofs we can finally print this book which has been over 5 years in the making.

If you missed the previous update, after numerous errors were found by the new editor, we spent weeks updating, tweaking, and changing the book.  Then we realized that once the TPB was printed many things were too small to read once shrunken down from the original 12x18" size down to the 6.5x10" trade size.


Steve is back to the drawing board with the art once he realized all the art was not Nexus related and it really should be.  I'll be posting the new art for the art books as he finishes it.


We just finished fulfilling our 2020 Sketchbook Kickstarter and did run into a few issues.  Most noticeably, UPS was charging a surcharge for delivery in Canada, so we will not be shipping UPS to Canada anymore.  USPS was taking up to 6 weeks to deliver to Europe, but would also deliver in just a week or two so there was no consistency there.

Cost for both us and international customers is an issue we have not found a solution for.  We don't sell enough to ship for fulfillment.  They usually want a min of 2,000 orders and we would be sending them maybe 200.  On the flipside, international orders run $30-100 each so 200 orders cost us over $7,000 to ship and less than what we received for shipment (then less credit card fees).

I don't have control over what is being charged for shipping and I certainly don't have a way to ship packages for $7.

Solution?  I am still researching crowdfunding fulfillment companies and may end up doing specific packages for international orders so they can be easily fulfilled.  I've found one in Canada specifically and am waiting on some quotes.


We are preparing our 2021 sketchbook.  That Kickstarter WILL overlap this Gourmando Kickstarter.  Currently we are using Kickstarters to fund projects and also allow Steve to work on his next Nexus book: Thuneworld.  The cost is around $650/page.


We are posting daily to Patreon for $5 and up members.  We hope to use Patreon to fund future Nexus books on an ongoing basis.   We also post previews of YouTube videos (we have 2 coming up this month) and show pics of what Steve is working on.  We will be posting Gourmando behind the scenes into February then we will start showing a look into the making of Thuneworld.


DIRECT LINK:  Behind Strip 37: Nexus The Coming of Gourmando 

Gourmando Christmas and Publishing Update
3 months ago – Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 02:14:43 AM


We've brought in a new editor who is extremely thorough.  After a setback with our son back in the hospital (he's doing fine now) and 3 versions of many pages being created after the Gnosis images were updated and some coloring corrections made.  Mistakes that were fixed a year ago resurfaced, but we are back on track finally.

Designers are finalizing both versions of the book and we are nearing the finish line after over 5 years!  I'll keep you guys updated as the book progresses.  Currently we are doing nit pick changes like fixing quotes, punctuation, and adding "To Be Continued" to many pages.


We had 17 people ask to have their extras shipped for Christmas.  I am pleased to announce that most everything is currently in house.  Prints were shipped to Baron for signing and will be in house for Steve to sign on Monday.  We should have all the packages ready to go out on Tuesday!  As noted before, the only extra we were unable to receive before Christmas is the Challenge Coin as it has an extremely long production time. 


Challenge coin takes 3-4 weeks for all the approval stages and the sample coin to be produced then another 4-6 weeks to actually create it.  We just approved the below sample and the final should be in house mid to late January.


As we announced earlier, Dark Horse will be publishing the Trade Paperback.  They do not, at this time (to our knowledge) plan to produce the Deluxe Hardcover book.  Their trade paperback will stick to the 198 pages originally advertised.  We are finalizing the extras in our book, but it will run approximately 210 pages.

Gourmando Update
3 months ago – Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 08:10:28 AM


That you to everyone who checked out and enjoy your extra bonus item!  With the exception of about 5 orders that have funds due, the rest of the orders are LOCKED now. 


Addresses are not locked.  You may not make changes to your order, but you can change your address up until I lock them when the books arrive and are ready for shipping.  You may always go to and request a link or email me at


If you posed a question in the notes section of the checkout please EMAIL me at as we may not see it until your order is ready to ship.


Challenge coins have been ordered and will be ready in January so they will not ship with your Christmas order.


We will be ordering a limited number and it will be exclusive to the kickstarter.  Dark Horse contacted us a few days ago and they would still like to release the worldwide Trade Paperback and Deluxe version of the book (unsigned, without slipcase).  The limited Edition and Original Art slipcase versions are exclusive to the Kickstarter.

I am waiting for a new quote before finalizing the print run, but I am anticipating ordering 1,000 of the TPB, 500 Unsigned Deluxe, 250 Limited Edition w/Case, 10 Art Editions. 

Gourmando Update & Other news.
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 04:38:16 PM


Survey's not completed by Wednesday will be completed for you using options chosen during Kickstarter.  We need numbers to get the book to the printer and also ensure any extra books (Draw Nexus, etc) are held and not accidentally resold.  They are not officially taken out of stock until your survey is completed!

If you can't find it please contact us.  via Kickstarter or go to and request a link.  I can let you know where it's being sent.  It goes wherever you log in (i.e., if you log in via Facebook your messages go to Facebook).

Survey's not completed by Wednesday will be completed for you using options chosen during Kickstarter.  We need numbers to get the book to the printer and also ensure any extra books (Draw Nexus, etc) are held and not accidently resold.  They are not officially taken out of stock until your survey is completed!

As always, if you need help there is a help link on the checkout and I am always here to help as well to make this as smooth as possible.


Brandon was back in the hospital last week so we were offline for a bit.  He's fine, but gave us a little scare.  Nothing COVID related. 

We have an official editor on the job and looking over he noted a number of typos -- that we had already corrected!  We're not sure how that happened, but are fixing it.  Glad to have caught it now instead of later when it's actually at the printer!

The books are finished, just finalizing and catching errors before sending off to the printer.


If you haven't been over to Patreon, for the month of November even the $1 members are getting in on the behind the scenes stuff with Gourmando strips.  We are posting pages daily along with extras like the below.  This strip was originally #15, but ended up at Strip 19.